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General OBDTuning & Prices
Below is the general pricing structure for the various vehicle types and other services we provide. Please bear in mind that due to the large variation between vehicle types and programming, we can only give an accurate price once a full quote has been requested. Feel free to ask for a quote or further information concerned with any aspect of our remapping files service and we will do our best to provide you with what you need.

  • Petrol Naturally Aspirated From €150

  • Petrol Forced Induction From €150

  • Diesel Naturally Aspirated From €150

  • Diesel Forced Induction From €150

  • ECU Repair and Recovery From €200

  • Commercial Vehicles Trucks From €200

Tuning type:

  • Car Tuning (stage1) This is a basic tune we call it a Stage 1

  • Car tuning (stage 2) This is a Stage 1 + Decat/PDF

  • Car tuning (stage 3)

  • Car DPF off/Decat

  • Egr block/remove

  • Dtc/P-code remove

  • Truck tuning

  • DSG

  • Decat

  • DPF off

OBDTuning Software modifications/remaps are based on the individual original software found in your vehicles ECU and are unique to you. Your original file is modified this way the immobilizer and chassis information and more are retained.

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