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Sport OBDTuning & Remapping
Car Tuning (stage 2) Sport OBDTuning & Remapping optimized performance!
Sport OBDTuning offers a full range of Tuning Programs each with its own Tuning characteristic giving different levels of Economy and Performance. All OBDTuning software is tested while running on a dynamometer.

Sport OBDTuning: Cars, Vans, Buses, Trucks, Loaders.
*up to 35% more BHP and more Economy.
*Normal Engines: up to 15% more power.
*Turbo Petrol: up to 35% more power.
*Compressors Petrol: up to 35% more power.
*Turbo Diesel: up to 35% more power.
*We have the most Advanced Tuned Files.

OBDTuning do NOT go outside the boundaries of what is possible. We rather look at what is worth doing. This means that we extract the extra Economy & Power resources of vehicle engine, within the manufactures limitations. All our software modifications are tested unlike other tuners. We Have Taken the Guess work that other Tuners use Out Of Remapping for your Safety!

OBDTuning Software modifications/remaps are based on the individual original software found in your vehicles ECU and are unique to you. A copy of your original file is modified and we keep your origin file so it’s always available to you later if you want to have it reinstalled. This way your immobilizer and chassis information and more are retained and no chances of  virus forum copies files in your ECU.

Order your OBDTuning or for more information on OBDTuning. Contact us Here!



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